Are Cell Phones Messing With Your Marriage?

How much do you enjoy the convenience  of cell phones?  Do they make your life easier?  How are they for your relationship?

I have mixed feeling about cell phones and relationship.

I love the convenience of being able to check in with my husband when we are apart.  I can easily connect with him if I need him to grab something from the store on his way home from the office.  If we are traveling away from each other they are great to stay connected.  And of course if there is an emergency then having a cell phone is perfect for getting your loved ones to you.

The other side of the coin is that cell phones drive me mad!  While going out to dinner with my husband he checks in on his phone.  Sitting at home watching a movie together and he whips out that cell phone and checks out what is happening on facebook, emails and texts.

I think that cell phones have been a great addition to staying connected in relationships.  The challenge is keeping your marriage relationship number one over all the other relationships.  Next would be keeping your relationships with your kids stronger than your friend requests and games.

Just this morning while laying in bed i was playing a game on my iPad.  My husband came in the room to take a shower and get ready for his day.  He came over to kiss me and I was too busy trying not to lose in my game.  He kissed my forehead and headed to the shower.  As he waited for the hot water to get to the shower head he came back for another kiss and low and behold I was still playing my game.  I heard his sigh as he was heading back to the shower.  I surprised myself with what I said to him. “Now you know how I feel when you are on your phone all the time!”

Whoa, what did I just say?  In just a split second I realized that I did not want him to know how I felt so many times in our relationship when he has chosen the phone over me.  That feeling of a small rejection, of being alone and out of touch or the lost intimate moments that we both have missed out on.  I am not willing to let some little game on my pad, a message on my phone or hanging out on facebook interrupt my relationship with my husband!

How are you letting your cell phone interrupt your intimate moments?  How has your cell phone left a connections with your most important loves  disconnected?  Has being on your cell phone left someone you love feeling alone?

Make sure you put the most important people above your desire, want or habit with your cell phone, pads and computers.  Make sure they know that the important moments in their lives deserve to have your attentions and then put the phone down and connect with them!

Marriage Is Not A 50-50 Partnership

~ Marriage is not a 50-50 partnership, it’s a 100%-100% give it all you’ve got relationship. ~

When it comes to being married you have to give all you have.  It is not about half the load.

Imagine putting clothes into the washer.  If you have a full load why would you only put half in and washer?  It is a waste of energy, water, time and soap?

There will be days when you do not feel your best.  You may be tired, ill or run down by all you have to do with a busy lifestyle.  You may feel like you only have about 50% of the energy in you.  Then give your 100% of what you have available to you.

Do not keep score in marriage!  This is not a game of sports.  Marriage is about win-win. It is about being of service to this spouse because you agreed to “for better or worse”.

There will be some better days and there will be some worse day.  Most days are a lot like you are just going along smoothly until something sends ripples your way.  Good or not so good ripples.

Keep making sure you and your spouse are clearing the way with good communication, compassion, forgiveness and choosing to stay in love.
“I want a marriage more beautiful than my wedding! – Wedding was one day, Marriage for life!” ~ Unknown

Marriage Is A Commitment Blog – Purpose

Getting married is pretty easy.
Staying married is not so easy.
Staying married with the high percentages of divorce around you can be tough.

The purpose of this blog is to support people who want to stay married in spite of what is happening around them.
The hope is people will contribute with ways they work to stay married and want to help others work at their marriage too.
Ideas and tips to help strengthen marriage in the good times and the tough times!  Feel free to share your ideas, tips and challenges you have faced and gotten through in marriage.